A New Beginning

Hello, everyone! If you’re a fan, welcome back. If you’re new, please excuse the lack of content. I encountered site-crashing bandwidth issues with my hosting service last April, and just finished a complete site overhaul in order to save it. Regrettably, I had to permanently remove all 800+ clips.

The site is going to look and feel brand new for awhile.  I erased everything and am starting over with a fresh WordPress installation. Personally, I’m excited about having a clean slate. Here’s the list of changes:

  • If you had this page bookmarked and discovered your link was broken, here’s why: When I moved from HTML to WordPress in 2014, I was still requiring visitors register for access to this “Members” section of the site. I discontinued that practice soon afterward, but there was no fool-proof way to either rename the old /members/ sub-folder without breaking WordPress, or move the site to a new folder. Thanks to the overhaul, I was finally able to delete that relic of a bygone process.
  • The Video Library doesn’t exist anymore. Since most of my write-ups referenced the clips they linked to, I deleted them in favor of building a new database. Consequently, the new Scene Database will be empty until the first clip rotation.
  • Clips are now in full 1080P HD MP4 format using h.264 encoding. My video editor creates enormous MP4’s, so I also use Handbrake for post-processing to minimize file sizes. Unfortunately, Handbrake strips sub-title information from videos. Because of its technical limitations and the nature of what I do, any clips I post that feature characters speaking in a foreign language won’t have English subtitles.  Incidentally, this also means I won’t be adding the site’s 3-second long watermark to the beginning of my clips anymore.
  • I’ve re-purposed the Request Log.  I originally created it to publicly track all visitor requests.  Now, it will only list requests I’m unable to find or acquire in the hope that someone else might have a copy they would like to donate.
  • I’ve added a new menu option labeled Now Playing.  From now on, all clip updates – including old and new material – will be posted there.  It is the only page that will ever have any clips.
  • Though the Video Library no longer exists, all of my clips are on my local drive. Over time, I’m going to upgrade as many as I can, and post the upgrades on the Now Playing page. As they rotate off, their write-ups will be used to build the new Scene Database.
  • Since I can no longer keep my entire (growing) collection online, I’ve made two especially important changes:
    1) Clip updates are now on a permanent monthly posting schedule. This is to allow as many people as possible to download the latest clips before they rotate off.
    2) The new Scene Database will only serve as a guide to help you track down content yourself. Since it will never have any clips, I’m going to supplement my write-ups with galleries of up to 10 carefully selected screenshots per scene for every title. They should provide sufficient visual guidance in helping you decide whether a scene might be worth your time and effort.
  • I redesigned the Links page and removed all of the banners. I think it looks a lot better. Since I’m starting anew, I’ve decided to take an impartial approach to sharing my knowledge of the fantasy death fetish community with you and added many more fetish-related links, including two sites like Cinemasphyxia that I know have loads of content.

With that in mind, it’s taking longer than expected to create the pages for the first batch of clips.  For now, there are only two titles online, but the new layout will give you an idea of what kind of information you can expect to see for every clip update.  I have several more to add, and plan to have them all online by this weekend.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support, and apologize now for any inconvenience you might experience going forward.  Unfortunately, such is the price for free access.  Cinemasphyxia will always be strictly a labor of love that I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy every time you visit.