September’s Update, Malicious Login Attempts

I meant to have this month’s update posted last weekend, but I encountered technical issues with my editing software that I grew tired of trying to fix until this weekend.  Now, this month’s update is finally online.

In other news, my security add-on for WordPress has recorded nearly 170 malicious login attempts since last month’s revamp went live.  I’ve also received two e-mails from people asking for help with logging into the site, so I’ve got a message for both hackers and fans.

If you’re a fan, then I offer a friendly reminder that I discontinued the login process in 2014.  There is no members-only section anymore.  Conversely, the site will never have a video archive again.  The Login link you see on the bottom-right of the sidebar only serves as my gateway to the site’s Admin controls.

If you’re a hacker, then let me save you time and further effort.  I use banking-level passwords on every site I run or visit, and I never use the same password twice.  Even if you have a super-computer, it will take you at least a dozen quintrillion years to break into this site, so do yourself a favor and move on.

With that in mind, I hope you all enjoy the MP4 upgrade of Killer Movie!  🙂