More Clip Upgrades, New Categories

Re-purposing Cinemasphyxia to feature only scenes I like has proven the best decision I’ve made since moving to WordPress three years ago.  There is so much crap out there!  Now that I don’t give a damn about any of it, the site feels more like a beloved hobby again instead of a burdensome chore.  Eliminating any kind of regular posting schedule has been especially helpful because I no longer feel any stress about finding content.  My God, I wish I’d done this years ago!…

Clip Upgrades

I posted several more clip upgrades today.  Someone asked for more drownings.  I hope these will tide you over for now.  😉

Drowning: Absolute Deception
Strangling: Don’t Answer the Phone
Strangling: Friday the 13th: Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
Drowning: Halloween II (1981)
Drowning: Hunter S02E08: “Million Dollar Misunderstanding”
Strangling: Monk S02E09: “Mr. Monk and the 12th Man”
Strangling: Turbulence

New Categories

What the site lacks in quantity I like to think it makes up for in quality.  In my ongoing efforts to enhance your time here, I created several new categories:

Under Drowning, you will now find Bathtub, Jacuzzi, Pool, and Shower.

Under Strangling / Ligature, you will now find CordRopeStockingTourniquet, and Wire.

There’s also a new top category labeled Fetish Elements, under which you will find Foot Views, Heels, and Nudity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Clip Upgrades, Sofia Boutella Strangled in Atomic Blonde

I upgraded a few titles this afternoon and they’re now back online.  If you downloaded my original edit of Ninja III way back in the day, you’ll want the new MP4.  It includes a scene that introduces the victims to add context to their demise.

Strangling: Boy, The
Strangling: Halloween (1978)
Strangling: Ninja III: The Domination

Atomic Blonde is finally available for rent, and I recorded Sofia’s death scene.