Excellent Lift-Up Hanging in “Insidious: The Last Key” (SPOILER WARNING)

I had little interest in this movie until I read a description of the body count on Kids-in-Mind.com yesterday. I loved the first two, but this one looked like a money grab and was only produced by the original director of the first two.

Thankfully, the scene happens in the first 10 minutes of the movie so I was able to focus on simply enjoying the rest of the movie instead of restlessly waiting for the scene.

Lin Shaye stars as the franchise’s psychic protagonist, Elise Rainier. In The Last Key, Tessa Ferrer stars as her character’s mother when she was still a little girl in the 1950’s.

Tessa is wearing a classic 50’s style teal, long-sleeve, knee-length floral print dress with a strikingly beautiful partial updo appropriate for the period. Unfortunately for me, she’s also wearing a pair of flat brown shoes. The lighting in this promotional screenshot doesn’t do her look justice, but it’ll give you an idea.

In the scene, Elise has been locked in the basement by her Father as punishment for claiming she saw a ghost. Several moments later, she unlocks a door and winds up temporarily possessed by a demon locked behind it. As she stands paralyzed in a trance, her Mother comes down to check on her. As her Mother softly calls out to her, a white electrical wire slowly snakes down from the ceiling and wraps itself once around Tessa’s neck. Then, she’s yanked up about a foot off the floor with an audible gasp and starts fiercely struggling. During the attack, the camera briefly cuts to a closeup of her daughter’s white-eyed gaze still turned toward the door. There’s also one or two wide shots of both she and her Mother where we can see a full-body shot of her Mother struggling in the background from her daughter’s eye level, but the focus is on her daughter’s face. Those shots are intercut with a couple of close-ups of Tessa’s feet kickingly wildly before coming to rest. For the icing, we get an excellent headshot of Tessa as she goes limp and dies with her eyes closed, followed by one last shot of her feet coming to rest.

The scene ends when their Father comes down to check on Elise and finds Tessa hanged to death. At that moment, Elise collapses and the cord that hanged Tessa releases her. The Father quickly goes to Tessa and cradles her in his arms, during which we get a nice shot of a slightly bloody ligature mark.

My only gripe about this scene is Tessa’s shoes. I wish the wardrobe department had at least put her in a pair of period-style low-heeled pumps, or better yet, made her barefoot. Thankfully, the scene made up for that. I especially loved the way the cord snaked down and wrapped itself around her, making her completely oblivious to her impending death until it was too late.

This the kind of hanging I fucking live for, have always depicted in my 3D art, and would absolutely love to see more of in live-action videos.

Rest assured, this scene will be posted on Cinemasphyxia once the movie is available to rent.