14 thoughts on “Happy New Year

    • Thanks. Just found it on YouTube, and… uh… no. The redhead’s hot, but the villain’s cheesy cat head costume ruined the scene for me. I prefer masked serial killers, but their masks must look intimidating.

      • Nyghtfall, just wanted to say thank you for making this site & being so awesome. I found it about…a year ago, I think. I’ve been following it ever since. So thank you, for everything you’ve done.

        For drowning, have you checked out a 2016 movie called Death Pool? The acting is…well, let’s just say wooden posts have more talent. But the whole movie is almost like a love letter to asphyxia fans.

          • Ah. Then have you seen a 70s grindhouse movie called Class Reunion Massacre? Also went by the title The Redeemer. There was a good drowning scene in that one. The killer wore a rather cheesy clown mask for that scene, but there was nothing amusing about what he did.

  1. I just ignored the mask & just paid attention to Meg Spencer’s sexy feet as she was lifted off the ground. 👍

  2. Hi guys.Anyone know of any scenes (mainstream or places like PKF etc) where the victim wears sheer black pantyhose.’Blow out’ is a great one but so few and far between in other movies.
    I’d love also to find clip where victim wears a stocking mask.’porn shoot massacre’ the strangler pulls pantyhose over her head (shame the ph were so thick),but almost impossible to find.D

    • There is no password. I discontinued the login process which I switched to WordPress in 2014. The Login link you’re trying to use only points to my admin controls. Everything currently online is in the new Video Library.

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