I’ve Switched Back to WMV, Video Library Updated

I’ve Switched Back to WMV

Since last year’s overhaul, I’ve been using an open-source app called HandBrake to minimize the file sizes of my clips because my video editor creates enormous  MP4s.  I’ve recently grown tired of HandBrake for a number of technical reasons I won’t bore you with.  Suffice it to say, I’ve switched back to WMV so I can provide consistent video quality and retain English subtitles in scenes from foreign language sources.  I’ve also re-edited every title in the Video Library and deleted the MP4 versions.  Rest assured, I’ll continue posting in full HD.

If you downloaded Elysia Rotaru’s dildo/tape suffocation in Girl House, you’ll want to download the new WMV.  While scanning the movie again, I found a scene that introduces her character while she’s topless and added it to the beginning of my re-edit.

Video Library Updated

The following titles have been upgraded to full HD and re-posted:

Hanging: Blind Man
Hanging: Honourable Woman, The S01E08: “The Pairing Knife”


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