The Request Log is Back

It’s times like this when I’m really glad I make backups.  The functionality behind the e-mail form I was using for clip requests has proven inadequate for my needs so I dusted off the Request Log and put it back on the menu.  It includes all of the requests that were last updated prior to last year’s overhaul.  As I track down past and future requests, I’ll remove titles I don’t like and add the ones I do like to the Video Library.

I also removed my contact form and brought back the Feedback page.


3 thoughts on “The Request Log is Back

  1. Congratulations, for your web. I find it very interesting .

    I usually write many stories of spy girls who do risky missions and are usually eliminated, if you want I’ll send you some.

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    a greeting

    • Thank you for the feedback, Danny. I appreciate it. Unfortunately, I gave up reading short stories and novels a few years ago. They simply don’t interest me anymore. I would rather watch a short scene or full-length movie.

  2. If you want I can send you pictures of girls who could be spies and fantasize about how to eliminate them, and then you could hang them in DS

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