New Categories: Fatal and Non-Fatal

Since moving to WordPress in 2014, I’ve wanted to offer a way for you to browse titles by preference of whether their scenes are fatal or non-fatal.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that for every type of asphyxia because WordPress doesn’t allow duplicate categories, so I’ve relegated myself to what I’ve always done and simply referenced the outcome on the clip pages.

A long-time fan recently took inspiration from me and launched his own database (no clips, just text and a handful of screenshots).  While browsing its framework, I noticed one of the search filters he created doesn’t specifically include which type of scenes it applies to but simply what the outcome is:

Contains Demise


I thought, “Well that’s easy and certainly better than nothing,” so I’ve created two new categories, labeled Fatal and Non-Fatal, and updated all of the clip pages.  Enjoy!  🙂