Hunter S02E08: “Million Dollar Misunderstanding”


An armoured car robbery goes awry when the gang leader kills his partner and the car with the money in the trunk is stolen.

More Information: IMDb

Actress: Stephanie Kramer
Drowned In: Bathtub
Result: Non-Fatal

After “interviewing” a suspect in a case, Hunter and McCall decide to call it a night. The scene starts with Hunter dropping McCall off at her house.

The camera follows McCall around as she prepares a bath and changes into her bath robe. The scene then cuts to Hunter arriving at his house, discovers it’s been ransacked and tries to phone McCall (edited out). Cut back to McCall’s house, and we see a masked man taking her phone off the hook just before it rings. Meanwhile, after checking the bath water, McCall hears a noise coming from her living room and goes to check, but sees no one around. When she turns back toward the bathroom, the man grabs her from the side and starts asking where the money is. McCall insists she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so he decides to help jog her memory by nearly drowning her in her bathtub. During the struggle, we’re treated to a few really nice foot shots as she tries pushing against the floor. Realizing he’s going to kill her if she doesn’t say something, he agrees to show him where the money is. She then grabs what looks like a knitting needle and stabs him in the shoulder with it. With him injured, she makes a run for her front door and is greeted by Hunter, who’s anticipated she may be in trouble and has come to check on her. They both duck behind the doorway as the man tries to shoot them and hits a picture instead. The clip fades to black after Hunter makes she McCall is alright and she tells him to go get the guy.


There’s one cut to Hunter during this scene.  I removed it.


Damn good scene. The foot shots are especially nice. I remember the crush I had on Stephanie when I watched this series. Amazingly, I have no memory of this episode.