Night Stalker S01E03 (2005): “Three”


After a co-ed dies in a bizarre accident relating to her deepest fear, Kolchak investigates a strange college society that performs rituals in a mysterious old house.

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Actress: Austin Highsmith
Drowned In: Shower
Result: Fatal

This is the opening scene of the episode, and the first minute or so is a series of random shots of city nightlife narrated by Stuart Townsend talking about society’s fears and how people react to them.

As it continues, we begin to focus on one character, in particular, a coed played by Austin Highsmith, riding a bus to an abandoned house  By the time she arrives, Stuart’s narration is over, and Austin timidly greets a group of three men waiting for her.  Then, we abruptly cut to a close-up, underwater shot of her face as her head is forcibly submerged in a steel barrel and she’s screaming for them to stop.  One of the men decides she’s had enough and tells the other two to release her.  Another man, cloaked in shadow, cautions that she’s not ready.  Taking advantage of their hesitation, Austin strikes back, tips the barrel over, and runs off.  The leader orders the other two to get her, thus starting a game of cat-and-mouse that runs for a couple of minutes.

Moving from one hiding place to another while in search of a way out of the house, Austin runs into a shower and tries to remove the boards from the windows  While she’s focused on that, an unseen force slides the shower door shut and turns the water on full.  Puzzled by her predicament, Austin tries to reopen the door and turn the water back off.  With the shower filling up, confusion turns to fear and Austin starts screaming for help.  Thankfully for us, her screams fall on deaf ears, and she quickly finds herself swimming, trying desperately to stay afloat as the water fills up to the ceiling.  Seconds later, she’s completely submerged, using what little oxygen she has left to try one last futile attempt to scream for help.  We get a nice leg show as her corpse floats around in the watery tomb before the scene fades to black.


I removed the entire cat-and-mouse game.


Hard to believe it was 2005 when this show aired.  The series was a remake of the classic Kolchak: The Night Stalker series from the 70’s, and lasted only one season.  Austin looks terrific in the blue dress and strappy sandals, which stay on through the entire scene.  Definitely one of my favorites.