No One Lives


A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem.

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Actress: America Olivo
Strangled With: Chokehold
Result: Non-Fatal

America and her fugitive boyfriend are on the run with a woman they’ve kidnapped, and hold up in a roadside hotel.  In this scene, she’s enjoying a long shower when Luke Evans sneaks in through a window.  The scene then cuts to her boyfriend talking to the police about something.  When we return to America, we see Luke sneak up from behind, and then grab her with the shower curtain, putting her in a chokehold in the same motion.  During the struggle, we get a fantastic shot looking up at her breasts.  Seconds later, we’re treated to a closeup of her horrified expression as petechial hemorrhaging quickly sets in.  The scene then cuts back to her boyfriend who decides it’s time to leave.  When he and their victim open the bathroom door, they find America unconscious with her wrists tied to the curtain rod.  As they stare at her body, she naps too and gasps.  This freaks her boyfriend out and he immediately shoots her in the head.


I removed both cuts to the boyfriend.  As an added bonus though, I grabbed a snapshot of her body dangling from the curtain rod and added it to the end of the clip


I absolutely love shower stranglings.  Frustratingly, there are far too few of them, both in the mainstream and fetish industry.  Thankfully, this one did not disappoint, though I do wish she’d lost consciousness on-screen.