Looking Glass


A couple buy a desert motel where they find that strange, mysterious events occur.

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Looking GlassActress: Jacque Gray
Strangled and Suffocated With: Gloved Hands
Result: Fatal

Jessica Phillips (Jacque Gray) has just finished a kinky makeout session with another woman in a roadside motel.  Still wearing a light grey pullover, she gets off the bed and checks herself out in a mirror hanging on the opposite wall.  As she’s doing so, a masked assailant surprises her from behind and clamps his gloved hand over her mouth.  He then drags her back toward the bed and throws her on top of it.  We got a really nice shot of her feet kicking as the killer secures his position on top of her and starts choking her with his other hand.  With the one hand still covering her mouth, he pinches her nose shut as well, effectively choking and suffocating her at the same time.  A beautifully tense struggle ensues during which we get an excellent closeup of her terrified expression as she tries to pull his tries to pull his hand away.  Nearly 10 seconds later, he removes that hand revealing her agape mouth and finishes her off with his other hand still choking her.  After she’s dead, limb play fans get to briefly see the killer deftly remove her body from the bed and drag it to the bathroom by her wrists.  Foot fetishists who like dirty soles are treated with an extended close-up of her feet as she’s dragged away.


There are a few cuts to Nicolas Cage fucking his character’s wife who’s played by Robin Tunney.  Their lovemaking is intercut with the attack.  I removed them all.


One of my favorite types of fantasy asphyxia is hand-over-mouth (HOM) suffocation, especially when gloves are used.  In addition to looking more intimidating than bare hands, gloves help sell the effect of a HOM suffocation by increasing the surface area that covers the nose and mouth, thereby sealing off any open spaces between fingers that the character might use as air pockets.

This is only the second time I’ve ever seen the other hand used to choke the character at the same time and I fucking loved it.  The first time was in an episode the original TV series, Hawaii Five-0.  Sadly, I’ve never been able to track down the episode it’s in.  As for Looking Glass, I only wish we’d gotten a shot of Jacque’s feet going limp as her character died.  Brilliant scene otherwise, and a fantastic performance by Jacque.