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Below, you’ll find clips from up to 20 mainstream movies and TV shows.  They’re updated on the first weekend of every month.  The newest are on top.  As new clips are posted, the oldest are deleted,  and will never be re-posted.  Their write-ups are then moved to the Scene Database.  This is done to conserve bandwidth and keep the site running.

Please Note: Due to technical limitations with my encoding software and the nature of what I do, any clips that feature characters speaking in a foreign language that aren’t dubbed in English won’t have English subtitles, either.

All clips are in 1080P HD MP4 format, using h.264 encoding.

NEW: Killer Movie

Dressed to Kill

Departed, The

Body Double

Mortal Transfer (Visitor Request)

No One Lives

Taking Lives

Pushing Daisies S01E01: “Pie-Lette”

Night Stalker S01E03: “Three”

Girl House

Blow Out

American Gothic S01E22: “Strangler”